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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  April 30, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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. digging through the rubble down south. >> it's a miracle. there's no way we should have
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made it through that. >> the mounting toll rises. >> the destructive trchedzs are -- tornadoes are the second deadliest in history. it could be months before live gets back to normal. >> reporter: the death toll is rising in tuscaloosa, alabama where the mayor said hundreds of peep still haven't been -- of people still haven't been found. >> better' up to five -- we're up to five cadaver teams looking through the rubble for those missing. >> reporter: a total of at least 340 people died making this the worst natural disaster in the u.s. since hurricane katrina. >> the number one priority has been for the last few days focusing on life safety. we've been doing search and rescue and unfortunately that's turning mostly to search now at
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this time. >> reporter: university of alabama football coach nick faban tried to lift a few spirits stopping by a red cross shelter where 240 people spent the night friday. >> we're taking it one day at a time. >> reporter: the red cross also is cooking for people who still have homes but lost electricity and providing mental health counselors. >> these are my students, my colleagues, my friends, my neighbors. it's just been very hard on everyone here. >> reporter: 90 miles of tuscaloosa, at least 20 people died where officials ran out of body bags and are storing bodies in refrigerated trucks. >> we're very a -- we're a very faith oriented town. that means a lot. >> reporter: here people with homes are sheltering those who lost theirs and survivors are clinging to their faith which for many is all they have left. scott goldberg, wjz eyewitness news. >> five members of the obama administration will visit alabama and mississippi
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tomorrow offering more help to the tornado victims. closer to home, the national weather service now confirps that ten -- confirms that ten trchedzs touched -- tornadoes touched down in maryland and virginia. this one hit near air force base. another is confirmed in caroll county. luckily no one was hurt. a deadly blast a carroll county man feared dead after a possible pipe bomb explodes in his home. it rocked the home on red tulip court in tawnytown and forced neighbors to be evacuated. suzanne collins just learned new details about this bizarre case. suzanne? >> reporter: adam, we just got an autopsy result on this case. it shows the 44-year-old man died of trauma from an explosive-like force. neighbors in these town homes say they had not seen the man for days. one of them went on to investigate. >> they went over and moved a
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blind in an open window, looked in and saw their neighbor lying on the floor, appeared to be dead. >> reporter: when police noticed it looked like there had been an explosion in his house, they evacuated 25 nearby homes. people couldn't return for more than five hours on friday night. >> troopers and crime scene techs last night saw holes in the wall. actually the front of the house is apparently slightly bowed out. the chair that was near this individual was charred. >> reporter: police interviews with friends and a relative indicate that he had medical problems and was possibly behind in his mortgage. do you have any idea first of all he was putting his house up for sale? >> i think do to the financial reasons. he had a stroke about three years ago, so he was paralyzed on his right side. >> the first thing that went through my head was the safety of my children. and then we -- you know, my neighbors and i were standing here talking and retrospecting
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about when we heard this explosion. that must be what we had heard. >> reporter: the medical examiner is speculating that the manner of death in this case may have been accidental or suicide. adam, back to you on tv hill. >> very unusual. thank you. it's also believed the homeowner lived along. court records show he was on a fixed inkoz. >> we have a developing sad story in powward county where -- howard county where a young child has been found with a dead body in jessup. they found the dead man on mary lane in the last few hours. we're told a 5-year-old child inside the house was not hurt. detectives are trying to figure out how the man died and how long the child was with the body. the family of a man killed by baltimore police still looking for answers. >> came do we need? -- what do we need? >> justice. >> shaun gamble as relatives marched outside city hall. he was shot by an officer in a downtown club in january. it looks like police
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accidentally shot an officer. the mayor has created a commission to investigate the deaths. two teenagers tried to stale an suv at a gas station. the owner tried to stop them and held on to the door for dear life as they drove off. he managed to grab the wheel but that caused the driver to crash into the mba. two suspects ran away before police arrived on the scene. lending a helping hand, ray lewis is helping a young boy who was devastated by an awful tragedy. he's hosting a fund-raiser in new york. his mother killed herself and three siblings when she drove the family's van into the hudson river. armstrong escaped by climbing out a window. along with the money raised, lewis is also going to be mentoring the boy. we hope you had a chance to get outside. it's a beautiful spring day out there right now. it continues. the sun is shining. gorgeous out there. great day to be on the water if
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you're that lucky. bernadette is here with a look at the first warning forecast. >> it's beautiful. there's nothing going on in our area but what we're going to do is open it up for you and there are storms to the west but they're not a factor. there are flood warnings in the northeastern part of the state. let me show you that graphic n. is until at least tonight. we have peaked as foor as flood stage -- as far as flood stage goes. we'll also keep you updated on this and have your full forecast. you couldn't have asked for a better day to do a little work outside. more than 500 people helped revitalize norfolk street. they cleaned up the area and built a vegetable garden. the honeymoon is on hold. prince william and kate middleton have decided to postpone their honey moon. they left buckingham palace
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today in a helicopter but wouldn't say where they were going. they only said they were going to spent a private weekend together at a secret location in great britain. meanwhile the british people are still celebrating what they call the wedding of the year. >> it was amazing, amazing, emotional day. we were quite tired having camped out. it was totally worth it. >> it was such a wonderfully british occasion. that's what struck me most. >> prince william isn't getting much time to enjoy married life. he's going to be back on the job tuesday as a search and rescue pilot. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news, an incredible survival story. >> i think considering what he went through, i'd say he was very lucky. rescuers get a big break after they find a man who had been trapped in his car for many days. getting rid of drugs the
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safe way. events like this may soon happen every day and everywhere. that's just ahead on wjz eyewitness news. meet the smiths, the newest ravens talk about their expectations here in baltimore. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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emergency crews pull off a tense rescue off a cliffside in california. they used a complex rope and pulley system to save a man who had been trapped in his car for three days. he drove off the road and took a 100-foot plunge off a steep embankment making the rescue very difficult. >> there's a lot of brush down there. we had to go down with a chainsaw, cut the brush away to make a path. then we had to run our lines down and allow our rescuers down there to come back up. >> a park ranger noticed a broken guardrail. the 53-year-old victim was alert when rescuers pulled him to safety. he was rushed to the hospital and treated for his injuries. thousands of people have flooded rome for a prayer vigil honoring the late john pope -- late pope john paul ii. the vigil opened tonight with a rendition of an anthem closely identified with the late pope. this comes after pope benedict
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approved a miracle that's attributed to pope john paul credited with healing a french nun from parkinson's disease. nato has rejected moammar gadhafi's proposal for a cease- fire. he said he is ready for peace and negotiations, but then just hours later, his forces reportedly killed several people and attacked in the city. nato says he needs to end his attacks on citizens before they consider any cease-fire offer. people all across the country got rid of the unused prescriptions the right way. andrea fuji reports one local event is expected to take in more than 4,000 pounds of pills. >> reporter: disposing of prescription drugs the safe way. this is the second national drug take back day headed by the dea. >> opiates, things that are potentially dangerous. >> reporter: at towson
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university, residents dropped off multiple bottles of controlled substances to later be incinerated. >> some of them are outdated. others i never used up. this is a good way to get rid of them. >> reporter: it's a nationwide initiative due to rampant prescription drug abuse and public safety risks. officials used to tell people to flush their drugs down the toilet, but now studies show it actually harms the environment. >> that's the worst thing we can do which so many fish today don't know if they're boys or girls because of the amount of prescription drugs that goes into our waterways. >> reporter: putting them in the trash is only okay if? >> some states do suggest that you take the controlled substances, put them in warm water and mix them with coffee grounds or cat litter. >> reporter: and within a year maryland's program may be the first in the country to offer these opportunities daily. >> every day and every farm si participate -- pharmacy participate in a drug take back
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program. >> reporter: andrea fuji, eyewitness news. >> there were several take backs across the state today. learn more -- to learn more how to safely dispose of prescription drugs, log on to and search for the story. it was a perfect day to step outside for the annual spring festival. tons of people listening to music, enjoying great food. more than 25,000 people were expected this year. if you haven't checked it out yet, there's still a chance. the festival continues tomorrow till 7:00 at night. here we go. now we're getting into the springtime. the festival season. food looks so good and we run pictures of that food on the weekend news like every other weekend. >> right before our dinner time. makes you really hungry. >> it's perfect out. it might be a great night to fire up the grill, hang outside. it's a beautiful night. we've had so many ups and downs with the forecast.
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but take a look at what we're dealing with. 66 degrees outside. a light breeze. and the skies are pretty clear. we'll let you know the forecast when we return. @
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after all that rain we had the last week and a half, what a nice welcome change. everything is drying up. people are now having to get into the lawn mowing season. >> it is almost may but it is a nice touch of spring outside. everything is so green because of the rain we've had. >> it's really pretty. >> it does really look gorgeous. make sure you have a chance to enjoy because we do have ups and downs in this forecast. here's how we're going to start out. today 68 degrees. that is what we topped out. the average is 69. so very close to it. starting out the day at a cool
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48. we're at 66 right now and the winds were out of the north today. a storm track is going to set up to our northwest. now, it's going to factor into this forecast but it's not a huge one no us. so that's some good news. we do have clouds coming in from it already. take a look. here's the center of it. it extends down into the plains. and then a new low pressure system is going to form along this. this one is going to stay fairly off to our west for the next few days. however, it gets closer. because it's getting closer, we will see rounds of these clouds coming in and a chance for a shower or two. not what we had to deal with last week. so here's that storm. notice, it sort of gets very strung out in this direction. a chance for a shower as more clouds are around. monday clouds but some sunshine breaking through and a chance for a couple of showers. tuesday into wednesday this storm starts to wrap up and will come through our area. that will be our best chance of some rain or thunderstorms. it will also knock those temperatures back down for us. with everything that's happened
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so far already, flood warnings in effect. the thing is it has already peaked so what we're going to see is the water start to go back down but that will take some time. we do still have flood warnings in effect, at least until tonight if they're not extended. on the bay southeast winds tomorrow at 5 to 10 knots. 61 degrees. take a look at the sunset. almost to 8:00 out there. so the forecast for tonight is like this. mainly clear skies. we'll see some of the high clouds coming in from time to time. 44 degrees. tomorrow 71 for our high. more of those clouds around and the chance for a shower or two but this is not an all day rain event. the chance for a shower again on monday. a couple of showers around here. but then it starts to wrap up and come in here tuesday into wednesday. on thursday right now at least, it looks like it gets out of here before another one comes our way towards next tuesday. so enjoy the break right now. we'll keep you updated as we head through the week. >> so the n.f.l. draft continues. we've got new people again.
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>> it's raining players. we'll tell you more on the n.f.l. draft update for the ravens once
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what do you make of these draft picks so far? >> speed, size, big, strong and fast in order to keep up with everybody else. sounds like they are a better team as they try to emulate the steelers organization. and that's their mantra, too. today in owens mills, the ravens introduced their top to draft picks. first there was shutdown quarterback jimmy smith out of
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colorado, first round, 26th pick overall. in the second round maryland's more than capable wide receiver torrey smith. here's jimmy. then torrey on shutting down big receivers. and just how similar both guys are to each other, more than you probably imagined. >> i think the shut down corner is an all around corner, one that's going to support the running game, one that's going to lock down the sides of the field. -- side of the field. they may catch the ball but no more than one a game. >> my first name is james. >> we have that in common, too. >> technically we're both james. >> james or jimmy. >> enough confusion. i'm sticking with jimmy and torrey. today in the fourth and, they -- fourth round, they picked a quarterback out of texas. they picked up big man mcphee
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in the fifth round and they got a quarterback in the sixth round out of georgia tech. five picks for the ravens today. in baseball orioles fans walking a smile in matt weeder's shoes. the o's are having fun in chicago because they whipped the struggling white sox. there's luke scott with a home run blast helping to rally. that's his fourth of the season. the game knotted up at four a piece. that's not all. a two-run shot out of the park. gives the os a lead. it's a 10-4 victory. good start to the seven-game road trip. they play the white sox tomorrow night. [indiscernible]
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fourth quarter, kyle wharton of hopkins -- [indiscernible] that makes it 8-5. the triple down series as you just saw. in the end they hang on for dear life. that attempt comes up right there went a little bit wide. hopkins hung on for dear life. john hopkins 11-2. patriot league championship, women's college lacrosse, hamilton, new york, navy scoring on colgate. what's amy at the attack, on the attack putting the biscuit in the basket. navy led 9-6 at half. enroute to a 15-14 victory. it's the ladies of navy, the new titleists of 2011 participate coming league championship. navy is now 14-5. i talked about tyrod taylor. i mentioned virginia. he actually went to virginia tech. we want to make sure hokies and cavalier fans don't get to
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scrapping. be sure to watch the cbs prime time lineup. they investigate the murder after teenage girl followed by wjz's news at 11:00. coming up tonight at 11:00 on wj disa, pornography at the library, it is a reality tonight in one major u.s. city. could the same thing happen here in maryland? we'll tell you why the policy has some local libraries on edge. passengers sent flying caught on tape. a crash from a public bus and a school bus. how it happened and he's being held -- who's being held responsible. mariah carey and her husband have three reasons to smile. they welcomed twins, a girl and a boy and it happens to their fourth wedding anniversary. the whole family is doing quite well. no word on the babies' names but they ranked to pick something -- planned to pick something unique for each child. >> these celebrities always pick out unique names like apple and other crazy names they come up with.
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>> it was a boy and a girl? >> boy and girl. >> well, the husband is nick so it could be nick and little mariah. >> that would be simple and easy. >> nick, jr., mariah, jr. >> no problems spelling that. that's it for us tonight. thanks for watching wjz13, maryland's news station. we'll be back tonight with all the day's breaking news at 11:00. we'll see you then. have a good [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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